May 15, 2020

Why Now is The Time to Leverage Staff Augmentation

The COVID-19 pandemic has had extraordinary effects on people and the economy. But one thing that has been pronounced – its impact on the world of work. No other pandemic in history has been able to turn the world completely on its head. This pandemic has placed us under extreme restrictions, and many organizations are grappling to identify means to stay afloat and adopt new working styles while navigating the treacherous waters that surround them.

While organizations battle these challenges brought on by the pandemic, they are faced with another challenge – that of accessing highly-skilled and specialized tech talent, especially as technologies mature.

Hiring full-time resources, especially at this time, can be a huge challenge. Supplementing in-house resources with skilled resources might be a business necessity but an almost impossible one to navigate as we settle into this new normal.

Staff augmentation emerges as a viable solution to solve some of the key problems that organizations are facing in the COVID-dominated world. It can help them stay afloat and also ahead of the curve. Here is how –

Meet urgent skill requirements
The demand for changing skill sets is not surprising, given the continuous evolution of the technology landscape. Futuristic technologies are becoming mainstream. Customers want greater personalization of software. Business needs and dynamics are becoming more fluid each day. However, an organization’s capability to find and hire a skilled resource to meet an urgent requirement is time-consuming and costly as well.

Instead of going down the hiring rabbit hole, organizations can easily leverage staff augmentation services to address their immediate and urgent staffing needs. You gain access to skilled resources who can hit the ground running – No time wasted in hiring, onboarding, and training the resource.

Deliver better services and reduce time-to-market
Hiring the right candidate for a job is a critical element to project success. The software industry is already experiencing a dearth of good and skilled candidates. Hiring these candidates urgently almost seems like a pipe dream. As the clock ticks, organizations often end up compromising one skill for another while spending time and money searching for the right candidate.

Staff augmentation can alleviate this problem greatly here and help organizations extend their in-house capacity and skillsets with ease. Organizations get access to technology experts who can get the project going, supplement the project needs, and help them reduce time-to-market…even when times are as challenging as they are now.

With the threat of economic downturn looming overall, organizations are taking a close look at identifying ways to maximize revenue, reduce risk, and cut costs.

With proper resource planning and optimization, organizations can save significant costs and keep the ship afloat. Leveraging staff augmentation, they can save payroll, infrastructure, and legal and administration costs. There is no time wasted in the hiring and onboarding exercise.

Organizations also do not have to compromise on the knowledge and skill set of resources. They are also absolved of the burden of the cost of a wrong hire – if a resource is not the right fit, the staffing company finds the replacement. Organizations also save on training costs as these professionals are highly skilled, which accelerates the speed of training and development.

Staff augmentation also takes care of ancillary costs such as oversee payroll, benefits, unemployment, coaching, termination, and performance issues. These aspects are taken care of by the staffing company and, hence, places no burden on your organization’s administrative capacity and expenses.

Flexibility in scaling
The post COVID era has made one thing clear – only the flexible, the adaptable thrive. Organizations are gearing up to the workings of a remote and distributed workforce. Many are navigating the challenges of how to get things up and running without impacting the quality of delivery. Development initiatives cannot be put on hold. Productivity levels and output has to be consistently high.

Staff augmentation can be of great help here to get work up and running leveraging resources who are experienced in working with remote and distributed teams. A part of product development can be delegated to the extended team while the in-house team sets up processes and gets used to the new normal. Organizations can also scale up or down their resource requirements with ease using a staffing agency and meet their project demands and timelines, respond to market changes faster, and easily exploit growth opportunities.

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing us all a great deal of inconvenience, no doubt. But it is also bringing across opportunities to increase collaboration, push technology, increase access to skilled resources, and leverage creativity to find new ways to do things better.

It is compelling organizations to find solutions to their problems and forge partnerships that help bring innovative products to the market…irrespective of the doom and gloom that seems all-pervasive.

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