October 7, 2020

What Makes SuiteCRM The Most Suitable CRM For Small Businesses

If you were to ask any business about how they plan to win more positive sentiments from buyers for their products and services, many answers will be around offering a better customer experience. 

In many cases, leaders give more weightage to customer experience rather than focusing on the product or pricing to get a firm grip on the market. In fact, studies show that 86% of buyers will spend more if they are treated with stellar customer experience. So, how can businesses offer better customer experience? The solution starts by onboarding a Customer Relationship Management or CRM software into their core operations. This is why the global CRM market was valued at USD 40.2 Billion in 2019 alone. 

So, now comes the obvious question – Is CRM only for big companies? The answer is certainly “No”. Today, CRM solutions exist for companies of all sizes and in every domain such as retail, health, travel, finance, etc. to name a few. For small businesses, there are custom CRM solutions that help them deliver exciting customer experiences without blowing a hole in their pockets. 

If we were to compare several CRM solutions available in the market for small companies, one name will always be at the top – SuiteCRM.

SuiteCRM is an opensource CRM platform that is well-positioned to take on the likes of powerful proprietary CRM platforms. It has won numerous accolades since its inception in 2013 and is today considered to be one of the best opensource CRM platforms in the world and trusted by over 4.5 million users worldwide. A majority of these users belong to numerous small businesses. So, what makes SuiteCRM the most suitable CRM for small businesses? Here are 5 reasons for it:

Cost Effective

Any small business will have limited financial muscle which prevents them from spending heavily on digital platforms like CRM as they need more capital investment in their daily operations. SuiteCRM, being opensource, does not create a huge budgetary constraint for small businesses as they only need to invest in customizing the platform to suit their unique needs and do not have to pay for any license since SuiteCRM is completely free to download. When compared to proprietary CRM platforms, it is found that SuiteCRM can reduce operational costs for the business by as much as 96% because it is opensource and does not invest in marketing and sales distribution efforts like premium brands do (which ultimately pushes up their product pricing). There are no hidden subscription fees and charges as the opensource product aims to be one of the most transparent CRM as well.

User Friendly

One of the major reasons why smaller businesses love SuiteCRM is the simplicity and user-friendliness the solution offers for their needs. Users of the CRM require minimal learning as all interfaces have been meaningfully thought out and easy to customize even for newbies. 

Moving your customer data to SuiteCRM requires minimal effort as the standard user interface for the platform itself offers simple accounting, quotation management, and leads management dashboards and modules which can seamlessly handle all data from your customer interactions. As such, a smaller business does not have to invest heavily in training its staff to adapt to the new CRM as everything is self-explanatory and focused on simplicity.

On-Demand Scalability

SuiteCRM offers a free download for on-premise customization and hosting or a cloud-based scalable model of usage wherein; companies need to pay only for the server power usage and not for the number of users on a per-user billing policy. This helps small and medium enterprises (SME) to focus more on growing their business relationships rather than worrying about increasing budgets by adding more users to the CRM. SuiteCRM offers SMEs an attractive bouquet of options to choose from that helps them pick a CRM model depending on the amount of storage that is required for their operations and not the number of people using it.

Large Support

SuiteCRM has an extensive online community that has been steadily growing over the years. As of late 2020, the number of community members worldwide stand at approximately 126,000 plus people. It supports over 69 global languages and is great at enabling businesses to keep a healthy relationship with their local community. Hence, you will never be alone in dealing with any challenges that may occur in the long run. Also, the community support will help you integrate newer features much faster with robust guidelines and examples.

Reporting and Analytics

While SME’s usually utilize their CRM to help sales and marketing people lead their efforts, SuiteCRM offers a host of other features for the entire organization such as flexible reporting of captured or processed data from a number of sources. As an organization that will use SuiteCRM, you can generate custom reports and run analytics on custom data to arrive at decisions faster.

For small businesses, the focus is on faster services in the market without compromising on quality. A logical thing to do would be to invest in a CRM platform like SuiteCRM to help propel customer relationships to the next level. With a large global community and easy customization options, SuiteCRM is poised to be the de facto name in CRM for SMEs.

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