October 19, 2020

The Real Business Benefits Of Yii Framework

Initially introduced in 2008 as a generic programming framework to accelerate the speed of complex pages, Yii (Yes, It Is) has come a long way to become one of the widely used frameworks to create complex and robust applications rapidly and efficiently. In fact, according to a survey, Yii is among the top 5 most used PHP frameworks. 

So, what makes Yii so unique?

Yii is a light-weighted PHP-based framework that helps to develop all types of applications. With its component-based architecture, it is especially useful in building large-scale applications such as eCommerce websites and Content Management Systems (CMS). It uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, which is why it is a natural choice for developing complex applications. 

But developing complex applications is not the only reason why developers choose to use the Yii framework.

Here are some real business benefits that the framework delivers.

Real Business Benefits Of Yii Framework

  • Reduces development time

Developers find it cumbersome to spend hours on repetitive tasks. It slows down their development process. Considering that developers have to use repetitive codes while developing applications, they prefer to use one of the extensions in Yii called Gii. Gii is a web-based code scaffolding tool. It contains a default code generator that helps the developers to create codes quickly. For example, if a developer wants to generate an ActiveRecord class for a specific database table, they can use the Model Generator. If they want to generate a new controller class with multiple controller actions, then they can use the Controller Generator. Such default controllers enable developers to reduce their development time and focus more on customizing the application as per the specific business needs. 

  • Highly customizable

Every organization prefers their application or product to look and function uniquely. Yii enables developers to customize the applications and products based on their specific needs. The extensible nature of the Yii codes helps the developers focus on customization. They can literally replace or customize the core code to create a high-performing application. Yii framework comes with over 850 extensions. Hence, it can be tailored based on the needs of the application. There are also multiple themes available that can be used to improve and customize the overall appearance of the application and product. 

  • Ready-to-use features 

Yii is a full-stack framework. It contains reusable components such as query builders and active records. These can be used by developers to develop and customize applications and products within a short period. It provides all the components required to speed up and scale the development process to meet the increasing demands of the customers. 

  • Easily scalable

Scalability is a crucial component of application development, especially when the application is expected to grow in the future and is required to be robust enough to handle heavy usage. 

Yii comes with cache components. Developers can choose any cache component they desire with a common API. This helps them to speed up the performance of the application and make it scalable. 

Yii also supports RESTful APIs. RESTful APIs connect the functionality and data of an application without interacting with source code. It makes integration with third-party services easy and enables developers to set up an application quickly and scale it easily to ensure continuous and consistent performance irrespective of heavy traffic. 

That’s why eCommerce companies prefer to develop their application on the Yii framework. It enables them to offer a consistent experience to its users even on a busy day.

  • Offers the best level of security

Users are aware of how data can be easily misused on applications. They have started to demand the safety of their data. They do not think twice before leaving an application if they find it susceptible to a data breach or security attack. Developers have to be cautious about securing the users’ data and preventing the application from getting attacked by viruses and hackers. When it comes to safeguarding an application, Yii framework is hands-down the best option. Yii framework comprises different in-built security features that allow the developers to secure the application. It includes features such as:

  • Hash-based message authentication code that validates the cookies, checks for the cookie values, and prevents cookie attacks.
  • CHTML Purifier that removes harmful data and ensures that the filtered data matches security standards.

There are also additional features available that can help developers to enhance the security of their application. 


Yii is one of those rare frameworks that is simple to use and has the power to create high-performing applications with ease. It is easy to install and has a supportive community where developers can seek answers to their questions and even innovate by seeking inspiration from each other. 

From a business perspective, Yii is cost-effective and accelerates the development of the applications, which in turn, enables them to reach customers ahead of others. 

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