March 31, 2020

A Little Help from Us for Product Companies in These Trying Times

It seems like it was just the other day when businesses across the globe were making robust projections about their growth. Today, we are all revising our best-laid plans and projections in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

But, it is good to see that the world is standing together against this pandemic. However, some countries are taking the hit harder than the others. Today, most companies have also enabled the remote working option for their workforce, and while working from home is not a new concept, the scale at which it has to be implemented has never been seen before.

It is quite natural for most companies to experience some teething problems. This is a difficult time, no doubt…even organizations with established work-from-home and remote working policies in place are trying to grapple with this new normal.

For SME’s and startups working the software products space, this becomes yet another challenge that they need to take into their stride. For many of these organizations, remote working is not a part of the normal course of business…it is not their primary work environment. To be thrust into these unchartered waters can be overwhelming, and the everyday issues of remote work can impact the velocity of development.

The challenge also is that despite this crisis, software companies cannot put their development initiatives on hold. Work might have gotten impacted, but the outcomes cannot. The pressure to deliver more and deliver better has never been higher. Everyone running a business knows that their performance report card now will have a huge impact on their future business relationships.

But what is also true is that for most companies, especially those with less or no experience in this new work model, achieving high productivity levels, ensuring creative thoughts for innovative ideas, coordination and collaboration will be hard. Owing to this, it can become extremely challenging to ensure timely releases. If you outsource your software product development, you might find your offshore partner too struggling to navigate the challenges that come from lockdowns and the consequent working constraints.

It is clear that in this world of today, we all need to become more flexible, innovative, and, most importantly, more helpful in our business approach. While profits will matter as always, now we all need to come up with business strategies that not only help us but, more importantly, help others. The responsibility to help each other is now everyone’s.

How can we help?
Instead of just making tall claims, we all now need to walk the talk. To that effect, we decided that we wanted to assist and help out as many companies as possible. At the end of the day, we want to help you sail through this challenging time.

As experts in the line of software product development, we have rolled out thousands of releases. Our experience is indeed our greatest strength. Our team of experts has time and again proved their expertise in designing and developing great software products across multiple verticals. Having been working in this line of business, we have all the right processes, infrastructure, and a team experienced in remote working. It is because of this that the current situation has not impacted our everyday operations.

We offer to give you access to our experienced team. They can take over a portion of your work (or your complete product development) and ensure on-time releases for your product.

We understand that many organizations might hesitate to invest in outsourcing their development initiatives to us because of the costs involved. To make things a little easier we have rolled out an option that allows you to only make only 30% upfront payment. The rest can be paid off over a 90-day credit period.

The objective behind doing this comes from the feeling of solidarity. We want to help your business sail through this unprecedented time without getting impacted. We have been working in this industry for a long time and would like to support it by helping others get innovative products in the market, irrespective of how grim the situation might seem at present. We all know that this is a temporary situation. Things will change. Normalcy will return. We just want to make sure that we extend the help that you need to be prepared to go back to business as usual when normalcy returns.

Where’s the catch?
Well, there isn’t any. If you are wondering about the service quality, you can rest assured that there will be no dilution of the same. In these times, constraints breed creativity…and we are just being creative with our business model. If you find this offer interesting and would like to understand how we can afford this offer, we’d be happy to discuss this over a call.

Until then, stay safe.

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